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Running Coaching – From Fun Runs to Marathons

Whether you are new to running, or have been running for decades, the right training and correct technique will help you achieve your running goals.

Experienced running coach, Linda Watson, has helped hundreds of runners across Australia over two decades achieve personal bests, and conquer their beliefs of what they were capable of.

Some runners achieve podium finishes in marathons. Others achieve their first 3km fun run.  Kids discover a love of running that lasts a lifetime.


Whatever your running goals, we can help you get there!

Our Approach

More than just exercise – It’s a lifestyle


We love running, and everything we do is designed to help you discover or rediscover the joy of running, while achieving your running goals. Young or old (… Masters as we prefer to call them). Everyone can learn to run and love running.

Too many runners train too hard, which means they wear themselves and their bodies out, without necessarily getting the benefits they are after.

Our personalised approach is gentle on you, your lifestyle and your body. We don’t believe you need to smash yourself in order to get superb results.


We work hard, but in a smart, sustainable way that delivers amazing outcomes.

Why do I run

Smart Training

Train to race, don’t race to train

Through intelligent training strategies, you will experience yourself safely and sustainably improving week by week.

  • Your action will become smoother and easier, your fitness will improve and your endurance will increase.
  • You will be able to easily maintain a sustained pace for the duration of your event at a comfortably low heart rate.
  • Your flexibility will improve, and your muscles will become supple and loose, which reduces your injury risk.

Yes! You will achieve your running goals. But, best of all, you will enjoy your running more! After all, running should enhance your life, it shouldn’t be another stress or pressure.

What People Are Saying About Dream Run


An Integral Part of My Progression

I first met Linda about two and a half years ago and during that time she has helped me transition from modest recreational runner to a higher level athlete.

My first goal was breaking 1 hour and 40 mins for a half marathon. Linda’s focus on consistent and smart training allowed to me to improve steadily over several weeks/months, stay injury free and achieve my goal on the first attempt.

As a runner herself, Linda has a down to earth and realistic approach to running and through her own experience and vast coaching knowledge base, has an excellent ability to help anybody tailor their running plan and training to fit in with their own individual aspirations and overall daily life.

As I started to make improvements in my running, Linda adapted my training as needed and was always generous with her time, being available to offer feedback and advice on any session or race. Soon I was finishing on the podium and running at a level I never thought possible.

Linda was an integral part of this progression. Linda works closely with me each week to tailor a training plan that not only fits in with my running goals but with how I am feeling both physically and mentally at any given time and with other life commitments. We train consistently but not with a rigidity where I feel can’t talk to her or alter sessions as required.

Having a combination of a few key/core sessions and other varied training days means no two weeks are exactly the same and that each week she has put thought and detail into designing.

The wealth of knowledge that she draws on when devising my short term and long term training plans and my continued improvement under her coaching has meant that she has my absolute trust when it comes to advice on not just running sessions but also with guidance on nutrition, cross training, stretching and recovery.

Being tough when she needs to be but also providing encouragement and understanding, Linda provides a balance which most coaches find hard to achieve.

I believe that this type of coaching has allowed me to improve quickly within a relatively short time frame, stay injury free and most importantly maintain my love of running.

Her holistic approach means that she views me as not just an athlete but also a person where all other parts of training and life come together to produce the best results. Linda is not just my coach but also a mentor and friend and she is someone who I hold in high regard and have great respect for. I am just one example of many of her high level of ability and work ethic and would strongly recommend her to any level of runner.

Nerissa Campbell


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