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Sport Massage Therapy

Sports massage is a valuable addition to boost a runner’s performance. Dream Run offers therapeutic sports massage for runners and other athletes.

Massage therapy frees adhesions and loosens tight muscle fibres to ensure muscles are relaxed and supple so they can work more smoothly when running.  It helps to boost circulation and reduce stress on joints.

It also helps reduce soreness and speeds recovery after an event, and helps to speed rehabilitation after injury.

Most runners benefit from regular massages, with weekly massages ideal on the lead up to and post a major event as a way to help reduce injury risk through too tight muscles.

A few points to remember:

  • Generally, we don’t recommend massages 3 days before a race, as muscles need time to recover.
  • You need increase your water intake after a massage, as it will release lactic acid, toxins and waste products from your body that need to be flushed out.
  • Massage doesn’t have to hurt to work. Our approach to massage is like our approach to running: you shouldn’t have to bruise or hurt your body to get results.

Sports Massage Therapy fees


Coaching Program Clients – $50 per hour

General Clients – $60 per hour


We offer appointments at Byron Bay, and in Brisbane Thursday evenings & Friday mornings.

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