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Strength & Conditioning for Runners







Boost Your Strength & Conditioning

Running isn’t just about pounding the pavement. Staying injury free and enhancing the ease and comfort of your running requires strength and conditioning training.

We specialise in designing and delivering strength and conditioning personal training for runners.

All of our one-on-one, group and online running coaching programs include a strength and conditioning component.

Our programs ensure that your ankles, hamstrings, hip flexors and joints deliver the full range of motion you require, comfortably and with ease.

In addition, your core stabiliser muscles are strengthened to protect your hips and ankles while you run.

Need an added boost? Book a Personal Training Session

Want greater accountability or to address particular issues with your technique? Want to learn to run and gain confidence away from other people? Want to understand your particular running style and its strengths? Like to have a mentored road running session where Linda runs beside you, personally taking you through your plan?

Personal Training Sessions

Byron Bay and Brisbane running coaching clients can book in-person personal training sessions with Linda.

In these personal sessions, you will:

  • build your confidence
  • learn new skills
  • enhance your fitness
  • correct your technique
  • boost your motivation

Personal Training Session fees


One on One Session – $60 per session


No contract or minimum term

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