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Running Coaching

Dream run offers personal running coaching programs to people who want to improve their results and enjoy their running more.

We offer …

1 on 1 Running Coaching – One-on-one personal running coaching in Byron Bay and Brisbane.

Online Running Coaching – No matter where you are in Australia, Dream Run offers online running coaching.

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Our Running Coaching includes …




Every program includes a detailed personal assessment, crystallising your goals as well as identifying your strengths and challenges. This assessment is either conducted in person or via Skype/phone if you are not within Byron Bay or Brisbane.



Running Coaching Plans

You also receive a fully customised, detailed training plan telling you precisely how far, how fast, at what heart rate, and what exercises you need to improve your stability and flexibility.

Your plan is designed around your life and your lifestyle. It takes into account your availability, preferences and even your motivation, to ensure that you don’t over or under train. Weekly plans are sent and take into consideration your progress in the previous week(s).

Yearly/Season Plan – Each season, or each new goal, you receive a plan that outlines the various phases of your training leading up to your goal or events. Your running plan builds on your strengths, takes into account your life, sets new objectives for the month and builds to you achieve your goals. Every plan is divided into specific phases so you know precisely what you need to do.

Event/Race Plan – Have an event booked? You receive a clear race plan giving you clear strategies for exactly how to run your race, including pre, during and post-race nutrition and hydration, and how to recover after.


Your running plan includes …

  • Base Training – Lay down the essentials for your base fitness.
  • Strength & Stretch Program – Build your running muscle strength, flexibility and stability.
  • Speed & Endurance Training – Build you capacity to hold a pace for extended periods.
  • Threshold Training – Build up to a fast pace for race day.


Unlimited Support & Personal Coaching

You get unlimited access to Linda’s expert running knowledge and experience. Linda personally monitors your progress and reviews your plan through regular catch ups to ensure you achieve your goals.

She holds you accountable for your actions and results, and helps you overcome mental and physical barriers to your success.

You can also contact Linda directly at any time to discuss issues, troubleshoot problems and adjust your plan to what is happening in your life.

Linda is full of helpful tips and boundless enthusiasm to keep you motivated and on track.

BONUS: Group Running (Byron Bay)

As part of our running coaching programs, you are invited to our optional group running classes – held in Byron Bay each week.

Tuesday mornings – Speed Work & Interval Sessions (Ewingsdale)

Thursday mornings – Running Group

Saturday – Running Group

What People Are Saying About Dream Run

Daniel James

Major Performance Improvements

Linda has been a fantastic coach over the past 2 years I have been consulting with her. She takes a more personalised approach than others. She understands myself and her other athletes and their capabilities which in turn creates a sustainable and enjoyable program.

I have been free from any running related injuries since starting with Linda, which has created consistency and major performance improvements from 5km all the way up to 30km. I have been able to smash my PB’s, recently my half marathon PB a year ago was 1:24, now down to a 1:15, 10km – 37:09 now a 34.

I can credit these results partly to my hard work but also to the smart and sustainable training load Linda prescribes to me. Anyone looking for a coach, or thinking about getting a coach, I strongly recommend Linda at Dream Run. You will really enjoy your training and have a great coach athlete relationship, whilst achieving great results!

Daniel James

Julie Ray

Returned after two knee surgeries

I thought my running days were coming to an end … that is until I met Linda. I have always loved running but after 2 knee surgeries things were not looking good. Linda’s program slowly got me back into it and within a year I ran the Great Ocean Road half marathon. I not only finished it I ran a faster time than what I expected, all thanks to Linda’s support. I am running 3 times a week with Linda’s personalised Dream Run program. New York Marathon here I come!

Julie Ray

Helped Me Achieve My Goals

Linda coached me for the period from 2010 to 2013. She was always positive, cheerful and she made training fun.  I competed in the Queensland State Track and field titles in 2011 and 2013, the Queensland Cross Country State Titles 2011 to 2013 and the Australian National Cross Country championships representing Queensland in 2013.   I won a Gold Medal at Qld Cross Country Championships and a Bronze at the Qld Schools Cross Country Championships in 2012. I also ran a 3000m Pb of 10:07.

She taught be how to be resilient in the face of tough times. She set challenging but achievable goals, inspired confidence in me and I will always remember her as a warm and compassionate person who managed to lift my spirits and helped me achieve my goals.


Genuine Care and Compassion

Linda successfully coached Rach in Cross country and athletics at a time in Rach’s life when she was going through some emotional difficulties.  Linda was like a rock for our family – always displaying genuine care and compassion.  She was enthusiastically committed to her work and she gave heartfelt encouragement and guidance to Rach.  Her clear attributes and experience as a great technician in her field were outshone by her thoughtful and kind mentoring and guidance – not only about athletics but about life in general and getting back up after being knocked down.   

Jackie (Rachael's Mum)

Coaching program fees


Initial assessment – $40

Coaching program – $60 per month


No contract or minimum term

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